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Parlee 2016 Closeout Sale

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Parlee Cycles is still holding 2016 model year frames and are now selling at closeout prices. If you need a little push towards a Parlee Altum R, Altum Disc or Chebacco, here you go!

Build Options


Closeout Price

Frameset Only
105 Mechanical Disc
Ultegra Mechanical
Ultegra Di2

Contact us to discuss sizes and frame colors available. Level 1 paint upgrade is availalbe on certain frames for only $300.

Our Impressions of Festka One

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Zac and Terry have each been riding their Feskta One framesets for about eight months. The wet winter has interrupted their time on their “sunny day” bikes but they have nice sampling of the performance and sat down to share their impressions of the newest brand in the studio.

Zac – The Festka One is the best carbon bike you’ve never heard about.   It’s hard to give credibility to a round tubed carbon bike from a manufacturer that isn’t a household name, but Festka has done their homework. First off, a Festka carbon bike is fabricated in a very different way than most carbon bikes.

Rather than using a bladder mold, a Festka uses filament wound carbon strands to create a tune to exacting ride specifications. This winding of carbon fibers give the bike a lively acceleration, all day comfort, and metal-bike durability. The handling of the One is intelligent and intuitive. The acceleration is like driving an electric car….no lag, no hangups, pure speed.

Terry – Yeah, I think Zac sums it up very well. Each time I ride my Festka One I am just blown away that the bike has no short comings. No trading this for that. All five boxes are check; light, stiff, comfortable, great handling and beautiful aesthetics. It is the kind of bike you forget is there when you are riding tempo on a great day, it becomes apart of you.

If you are real bicycle geometry wonk you look at some of the numbers that will affect handling and you think, “the Festka One is going to be a bit of nervous bike that needs to be tended too.” I have ridden other bikes with similar geometry and found this to be true. I was really pleased to find this was not the case with Festka One. The bike is very stable but can just rip fast corners and descents. When we did the Festka Tour in Portland and San Francisco we rode some very demanding descents. I have never leaned a bike over so hard and had it feel like it was on a rail stuck to the road. Total command.

I mentioned my initial observations about the geometry and my actual experiences on the bike to Michael Mourecek, co-founder of Festka, when they visited in Seattle. He shook his head with acknowledgement and a big smile. Then he went on to explain that the tubing supplied by CompoTech are so resilient to pedaling and corner forces they can build a bike with more aggressive handling while creating greater underlying stability. I can personally tell you the results are awesome.

Hiring Service Technician

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Cascade Bicycle Studio is located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA and is hiring a Lead Service Technician. CBS is annually a Top Five Seven Cycles retailer and is known for a high level of customer service and excellent work from its Service, Fitting, and Retail staff members. The ideal candidate will meet the following criteria:

  • 5+ years working as a service technician in a high-end bicycle shop environment, building and servicing road bikes at the Ultegra/Force/Chorus component level and above.
  • Proven experience fully building and diagnosing electronic groupsets of all iterations from Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM
  • Proven experience fully servicing hydraulic road disc brakes from Shimano and SRAM
  • Can demonstrate wheel building proficiencies using carbon and aluminum rims with disc, rim, and internal hubs
  • Experience servicing Campagnolo 10 and 11 speed drivetrain systems

To apply please send cover letter and resume to Thank you.

We Believe in the Group Ride

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We believe in the Group Ride. We respect the Group Ride. We teach the Group Ride. We enjoy the Group Ride.

We enjoy the Group Ride more than many things in our life when done “right”. Our way embraces the group ride as an art that is performed based on a set of techniques and expectations. Here’s a glimpse:

-We set expectations for safety and technique.
-We teach people.
-We ride a good tempo.
-We ride together.
-We communicate about pace: slow or fast.
-We stop for mechanical issues.
-We don’t attack.
-We don’t try to drop people.
-We respect that some climb slower than others.
-We respect that some descend faster than others.
-We re-group at the top and the bottom.

Re-group? What does that mean?

-The group is a shoulder-to-shoulder, double pace line whenever possible.
-The group is wheel to wheel, front-to-back, with no gaps larger than 12”.
-The group rides tight to the right side of the road.
-The riders in this pace line calmly point out unfortunate blemishes in the asphalt to each other.
-The riders in the pace line take a steady pull at the front of this pace line for 30 – 120 seconds depending on the pace, wind and traffic.
-The lead rider on the left of this pace line drops back at the end of a pull on the left side of the pace line.
-The lead rider on the right of this pace line drops back at the end of a pull on the right side of the pace line.
-The riders in the group move left just a bit to make room for the rotation.
-The new lead riders tap the pedals just a bit harder then before to overcome the wind now in their faces.
-The riders from back to front of this pace line with a calm but audible voice let each other know when a car is back, “CAR BACK”.
-Most times the car passes the double pace line but other times leadership needs to single up the pace line and will indicate “SINGLE UP”.
-Single pace lines are ridden wheel to wheel (no fanning out or staggering).
-Riders look through the rider in front of them, not at the wheel in front of them.
-Riders on the front pull for 15-30 seconds and drop to the back on the left when they feel safe to do so.
-A double pace line is reformed when leadership feels it is safe to do so again.

When we Group Ride this way we move along at a pleasantly brisk pace.
When we Group Ride this way we visit with friends.
When we Group Ride this way we learn to trust the riders around us.
When we Group Ride this way we enjoy each other and stop for coffee at the end.
When we Group Ride this way we can’t wait for next Thursday.

We Welcome Velocio Apparel

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For the last four years, we’ve had great success offering cycling apparel at CBS.  We’ve been incredibly discerning, and have sifted through many clothing lines, options, and materials to offer what we feel is the very best product you can buy.

Recently, we’ve become introduced to the American clothing company Velocio.   Velocio’s headquarters are based in New Hampshire, and the majority of their line is built in Italy.   In other industries, and even in the bicycle industry, it can sometimes seem like hyperbole to equate Made in Italy to be the best.  Our experience has been that select Italian factories actually do make the very best cycling apparel and this can be seen in the durability of materials, quality of sewing, and choice of zippers, chamois, and grippers.

After doing some research on Velocio, talking to friends (JD, CM) and paying attention to the brand on social media, we became motivated to represent Velocio at CBS, and were equally honored that they wanted to work with us.

Perhaps what we like best about Velocio is how they start the conversation with you-the-end-user on their website:

“We aren’t a women’s brand. We’re a let’s-look-at-this-differently brand.  We ponder the expectations for color, trim, and fabrics, for the models in our marketing, for the final products we create.”

What’s more, the depth of Velocio’s line shows maturity, promise, and sets them apart from the burgeoning genre of new cycling apparel companies that are nothing more than a single jersey and sock offering.

If we had to pare it down to five reasons to try Velocio, they would include:

1.  The Velocio Signature Guarantee:   Try any piece of clothing from Velocio’s Signature line for up to 30 days.   Wear it, wash it, live in it for 30-days and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it.

2.  Fantastic Fit:  Clothing comes down to fit.   No one piece of clothing will fit everyone perfectly but the Velocio line seems to do what few other companies can do:  design clothing to fit women and men of varying shapes, sizes, and preferences.   Velocio is neither aero nor baggy in fitting.   The fit is flattering, inspiring, and provides confidence.

3.  Responsibility:   Velocio has purposefully taking the initiative to talk about how they value the source of their raw materials, the workplace quality of their manufacturing facility, and the balance of function and environmental impact when creating clothing.   Velocio works with a family-owned Italian manufacturer whose facility is [% link: name=”Blue Design” content=”Blue Design” %] certified, a system for sustainable textile production.

4.  Fair Play:   Upon reviewing Velocio’s site, it’s clear they value women and men equally and are committed to offering parity in garments, a refreshing and non-biased view of how men and women enjoy riding bicycles, and a broad color palette across both lines.

5.  Happiness:   Velocio is a brand that equates bicycle riding and happiness.  This is a subtle but important distinction.  Riding is not painful, it is not about suffering, and it’s not about grey skies in horrific conditions.   Certainly this happens, and these days can be the most meaningful on the bike, but the company is about joy, not pain.

We encourage you to come visit us and see the Velocio clothing line in person.   Use us as a resource to touch, feel, and see the apparel in person.