Seven Cycles

Est. 1997 — Watertown, Massachusetts

Since 1997, Seven has become the world’s largest custom bicycle frame manufacturer. Seven designs and fabricates bicycle frames from steel, titanium, carbon fiber, and a mixture of titanium/carbon. Each frame Seven Cycles fabricates is built to order, at no up-charge. Seven Cycles offers frames for road, mountain, gravel, time-trial, multi-sport, cyclocross, touring, commuting, and tandem riding. We are proud to partner with the finest bicycle frame manufacturer in the world.

Why We Like Seven

Seven’s process for ordering, designing, and fabricating custom frames is exhaustive, accurate, and proven. This experience and focus gives us complete confidence in providing you-the-rider with the best possible experience. What’s more, Seven’s process allows for timely deliver where you can ride your new bike the same year you place an order.

5 Things You Should Know About Seven

  1. Seven Cycles builds every frame in Watertown, MA
  2. Seven Cycles is one of the only builders to use domestically sourced, mill-certified titanium
  3. At Seven, each craftsperson focuses on only one bike at a time
  4. Seven has a state-of-the-art in-house painting facility and provides creative and comprehensive custom paint solutions for steel and titanium frames
  5. All Seven frames come with a lifetime warranty


Est. 1986 — Grenchen, Switzerland

BMC gained national attention during the 2006 Tour de France when the Phonak Hearing Systems team rode what then considered a very different looking road bike, the BMC Team Machine. Since that Tour, BMC has continued to evolve its bike offerings, as well as professional teams, with World Championships won on the road (Philippe Gilbert) and on the mountain side for cross country (Lukas Fluckiger) and eliminator (Ralph Naf).

Why We Like BMC

What’s most impressive about the BMC brand is the evolution of its bike model offerings. BMC’s road endurance line for recreational cyclists is very strong with the Gran Fondo series of bicycles; the mountain side is extremely comprehensive with a range of hard tails, 100mm, and 150mm offerings; the urban Alpen Challenge line-up features multiple bikes with chain and belt driven models.

5 Things You Should Know About BMC

  1. BMC is a Swiss company, and BMC stands for Bicycle Manufacturing Company
  2. BMC offers a strong urban line for commuting with the Alpen Challenge range
  3. BMC has made huge progressions with their mountain bike line and offers hardtail, cross country full suspension bikes, as well as an all-new Trail Fox series of Enduro bikes
  4. The majority of frames are built in Asia, with the exception of the Impec range, which is made by robots in Switzerland
  5. BMC offers bicycles made out of aluminum and carbon

Parlee Cycles

Est. 2000 — Beverly, Massachusetts

Bob Parlee and his crew of artisans have been creating stock and custom carbon bicycle frames in Massachusetts since 2000. In the span of just over10 years, Parlee has created multiple road frame iterations, as well as time trial, cyclocross, and touring offerings. Parlee’s design focuses on efficient use of carbon fiber to produce better-performing, better-accelerating, better-tracking and handling bicycles, all in a very lightweight frame. Parlee bikes are for bicycle enthusiasts and racers alike.

Why We Like Parlee

Parlee builds wonderful feeling road frames from carbon fiber that are light, comfortable, and responsive while maintaining classic tube profiles.  We figure there are five attributes you look for in a bike: acceleration, comfort, lightness, aesthetically pleasing details, and responsive and predictable handling. Parlee simply checks all five of these boxes.

5 Things You Should Know About Parlee

  1. Bob Parlee worked with composite materials for 20 years in the boat building industry before focusing on manufacturing custom carbon fiber bicycles.
  2. Parlee was an industry pioneer when they started building custom bikes from carbon fiber in 2000.
  3. A Parlee has won a stage of the Tour de France under the decal of a major stock brand.
  4. The Parlee Z5i comes in 12 sizes that fit nearly ever rider and riding style.
  5. Custom paint is available on all Parlee models.

Ibis Cycles

Est. 1981 — Santa Cruz, California

Ibis pioneered the concept of the hand-tailored mountain bike back in the 90’s.  Today, Ibis is back in full-force with a complete line of relevant full suspension bikes and disc-equipped cross bikes.

Why We Like Ibis

We like Ibis for the value they offer in a completely built bike, made from carbon fiber. Ibis Cycles doesn’t chase trends or push fads every calendar year. They think out their products, test them in the field, and send them out to market when they are ready. We love that Ibis sticks with a great riding bike year after year regardless if other bike companies have a new model year to introduce.

5 Things You Should Know About Ibis

  1. They have great names for the colors of their bikes: Nuclear Pesto, Black Lung, Phlegmish Yellow.
  2. All mountain bikes incorporate the DW-Link suspension system designed by suspension wizard, Dave Weagle.
  3. Ibis founder, Scot Nicol, is a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.
  4. Carbon fiber clincher mountain bike wheels are now available from Ibis.
  5. Ibis offers bikes made exclusively out of carbon fiber, a departure from the 90’s when they built bikes from steel, aluminum, and titanium.

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